California Fashion Association (CFA), established in 1995, is the forum to address the issues of concern.
Manufacturers, suppliers, educational institutions, allied associations, and all apparel-related businesses benefit.
CFA is a non-profit organization established to provide information for business expansion and growth, providing members with vital updates on new regulations and their professional implications.

Current Topics of Concern:

  • Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Sustainability; costs and implications
  • Transformed Ownership / ‘Resale’
  • Future line presentations: to buyers, trade shows, showrooms
  • ‘Made-in-USA’ labeling

Join the industry leaders to investigate best practices and identify the opportunities to move forward!

“The Business of the Fashion Business”

CFA offers access and referrals for professional advice and services for every facet of sewn products production, sales, and administration. The totality of the industry’s issues will affect a company’s future, whether interest focuses on domestic manufacturing or off-shore sourcing.

Information services include:

  • Promotion of member events and services to industry leaders and the media
  • ‘Member Spotlight’ newsletters to the industry
  • Webinars and Conferences with CFA experts
  • ‘Protect Yourself’ newsletters defining ‘new’ regulations and their implications
  • Industry networking
  • Fashion Industry Human Resource Association (FIHRA) seminars for HR Managers
  • Defining new apparel-related technology
  • Updated database of PPE & Sewn Product manufacturing
  • Apparel related programs, for students and educators
  • Global sourcing options and export opportunities

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Here you will find the latest industry information including current events, market dates and hot button issues...

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California Fashion Manufacturing

The California Fashion Manufacturing (CFM) program gathers information about the varied opportunities in the region for manufacturing, designing and creative services...and promotes the availability of these services and products to retailers, media, and all participants in the global industry.

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The California Fashion Foundation

The California Fashion Foundation works to make a positive contribution to the knowledge and welfare of constituents of the apparel and textile industry.

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The Textile Association of Los Angeles

The Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA) provides the California Apparel and Textile Industry with a network of assistance for domestic and international markets. TALA offers information to manufacturers, importers, agents, and allied global associations.

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