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Florence Lam

380 Swift Avenue, Unit 5
South San Francisco, CA 90408


Products and Services: Founded in America in 1990, J.N. Zippers & Supplies Corporation serves the industry with a California-based corporate office and warehouse with  China factory customization for garment, bag, accessory, and industrial manufacturers worldwide. Quick sampling from our warehouse stock of high-quality zippers, pulls, bag and apparel hardware that are ITS, SGS, Oeko-Tex, ISO9001:2000 safety tested and standards compliant. Our staff is ready to assist you with choosing the best zipper configuration suited to your product. We offer private branding on pulls, hardware and labels. Our warehouse also stocks elastics, tapes, cords, labels and workroom supply for spot delivery. Turn to the experts at J.N. Zippers & Supplies Corp., and the in-stock division of ZPRZ Company, to provide you with the best combination of quality, price and service.