“Protect Yourself” Newsletter

A series of articles, written expressly for CFA by our member attorneys, providing information about our industry’s vulnerable IPR issues. The current case studies, along with their outcomes, will send a clear “protect yourself” message, and are part of CFA‘s continuing effort to be of assistance.

The California Fashion Association is focused on building a knowledge base to identify and meet the needs of the various constituents of the industry. The CFA was formed to facilitate that service and we are grateful to the many members and non-members alike who have stepped up in support of the country’s population in dire stress.

See the attached EXCEL LISTING of GOVERNMENT SERVICE OFFICES, the MEDICAL FACILITIES who have been contacted, and INDUSTRY OFFERS OF ASSISTANCE. Please note the THREE TABS at the bottom of the chart. Click HERE

The listing will be updated daily; if you have names and contact information to add to this index, please send them in by emailing info@calfashion.org.

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New Law Enacted for Employers and Employees
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