International Efforts

International Outreach:

  • Offering valuable information, strategies, case studies and services to the global apparel and textile industries
  • Facilitating meetings, forums and presentations
  • Defining strategic objectives for international suppliers and retailers for interaction with the California apparel and textile industry

CFA Services for International Members:

Discussion Topics:

  • U.S. Retail Marketing Channels
  • Brand Entry Review
  • Market Entry options
  • Shipping and Import procedure
    • Freight Forwarding into U.S. Ports
    • Insuring International Exports
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Marketing and Promotion
    • Selling to U.S.Manufacturers & Retailers
  • MegaTrends
  • Impact of the Current Economy for Apparel & Textiles

Videoconference Programming

  • Recruit experts on the defined issues for international groups in host country.

 Access to Industry Experts

  • Provide research and statistics on relevant issues.
  • Arrange breakfast and luncheon gatherings for delegations to meet with U.S. experts to discuss all areas of U.S. market entry – Hosted by Delegations.
  • Industry introductions within the CFA network.

 Powerpoint Presentations

Given to Delegations and International Groups on current issues, including distribution methods, market analysis, tracking mega-trends and current industry realities

  • Consumer Trends in a Multi Cultural World. Case Study: Los Angeles
    • Presented to: Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles
  • How Different Cultures Affect World Wide Trends in Apparel & Textiles
    • Presented to: Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles
  • Understanding the U.S. Market for Apparel and Textiles
    • Presented to: China Textile Information Center; Colombia Trade Office; Consulate General of Brazil; Colombia Trade Office; Consulate General of Pakistan; Guatemala Trade Office; Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency; Indonesian Trade Promotion Center; Jiangsu Procurement Mission, Consulate General of Brazil, Han Fashion Association
  • U.S. Retailing: The Current Realities
    • Presented to: The Collections at World Shoe Association; The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Association at MAGIC
  • U.S. Apparel & Textiles – The Industry Today`
    • Presented to: Exporters Textile Advisory Committee: U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Top Hot Button Issues
    • Presented to: Apparel Magazine Tech West Expo; Wells Fargo Trade Capital;
  • Design Piracy Legislation
    • Presented to: U.S. Copyright Office; State Bar of California; State Bar of New York; Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp
  • How to Succeed in the Global Marketplace
    • Presented to: International Trade Conference

International Programs by Country