Past Event Coverage

CFA AT MAGIC – Las Vegas – February 12-13, 2018

January 19: CFA Panel at Market Week- CMC Fashion Theater
February 12: Seminars (Sourcing: The Doneger Group and Bureau Veritas) – Las Vegas
February 12: (FN Platform: The Doneger Group) – Las Vegas
February 12: CFA Members at MAGIC –  Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Consulate General of Pakistan, and Peru Trade Commission– Las Vegas
February 12: CFA Members at MAGIC February 12-13, 2018 – Egypt and ProColombia – Las Vegas
February 12: “Power Branding for Retail” by The Doneger Group, “The Doneger Group Presents: Reframe. Reset. Retail” , &  “Future Retail: 2018 Trends and Opportunities” –  The Doneger Group
February 12: “Connecting your Sourcing Dots in the Americas” –  Bureau Veritas– Las Vegas
February 12: “American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) Presents: Creating an Intellectual Property Rights Culture” – Brutzkus Gubner Rozansky Seror Weber LLP– Las Vegas
February 13: “Trendscience: Future Proofing your Brand Data Driven Insights + Social Confirmation Trends” – Woodbury University– Las Vegas
February 13: Seminars at MAGIC! “SCALING RETAIL” by Syama Meagher– Las Vegas


April 7: Loyola Law Symposium “The Creative Response to Political Disruption,” Ilse Metchek, CFA Moderator – Los Angeles
March 16: Marcum LLP & CFA Fashion Industry Event: “Industry Perspectives for Retailers & Manufacturers” – JW Marriott – Los Angeles
February 27: CFA Seminar at the L.A. International Textile Show: “Fashion Technology on the Go!” – Los Angeles
February 21: CFA FN Platform Seminar @ MAGIC: “Looking Forward … a panel of independent thinkers with their vision and their crystal ball” – Las Vegas
February 20: CFA Sourcing Seminar @ MAGIC: “Thinking of Exporting Your U.S. Fashion Brand?”
February 13: CFA FIHRA (“Fashion Industry Human Resources Association”) Meeting – Los Angeles
January 20: Port of Los Angeles Trade Panel, Ilse Metchek panelist – Los Angeles


October 19:  Moss Adams Annual Apparel Meeting: CFA Presentation The Retail Customer Today … What’s the Problem?” – Los Angeles
September 30: CFA Presentation at the BIZ FED NextUp Business Forum: “Pushing the Reset on Public Education for Workforce Development– Los Angeles
September 27:  CFA Seminar at the LA Textiles Show, “The Perils of Copyright Trademark & Celebrity Licensing .. What’s Legal & Illegal? – Los Angeles
August 16: CFA Seminar at MAGIC: “Where Have All the Retail Customers Done?” – Las Vegas
July 13: CFA Presentation at NACM Northwest, “The Fashion Industry Today: A Global View– Los Angeles
June 11: CFA Presentation “Your Future in the Business of Fashion,”  YMA | Hearst  Foundation Summer Intern Program – New York City
April 15: CFA Participates in “Sustainability in Fashion” Presentation, Loyola Law School Fashion Law Project Spring 2016 – Los Angeles
March 1: CFA Seminar at the LA Textile Show – “Going Global?  Restructuring Your Business Internationally! … One Size & Business Model does NOT fit all– Los Angeles
Feb 17:  CFA Seminar at MAGIC: “Taking Your Brand to the Next Level – Licensing, Celebrity Branding … and Protecting it all!” – Las Vegas
February 3: CFA Business-to-Business Seminar “The Triggers for Buyers Attention– Los Angeles
January 13: “The Business of Fashion” Presentation, YMA Educator’s Roundtable – New York City


September 16: Wells Fargo Breakfast Seminar “Private Label vs Branded Manufacturing… How Does Your Business Grow? – City Club
July 29: “What’s Next for Denim?” Seminar for Kingpins – Cooper Design Center
May1:  West Coast Manufacturing Conference – Millennium Biltmore Hotel
May 1: 2014 CFF/TALA Scholarship Luncheon – California Market Center
April 3:  Lectra Panel “Technology: The Latest Fashion Trend” – California Market Center
April 3: Ilse Metchek, President of the California Fashion Association, is Featured Speaker at Alibaba Headquarters – Hangzhou, China
April 3: California Office of Trade Hosts First Industry Cluster Conference – Shanghai, China
March 11:  LA International Textile Show Seminar- Intellectual Property Protection
Feb 18:  “Brand Building: Star Power is a Must Have” Seminar for MAGIC – Las Vegas Convention Center


Dec 11: The 66th Annual Fashion Industry Christmas event for Downtown Children – Cooper Design Space
Sept 10: KAMA Los Angeles Apparel Show Seminar – California Market Center
June 27: CFA’s Metchek Honored at FGI Luncheon – Fig & Olive, West Hollywood
June 13: Intrepid Investment Bankers LLC, ‘CEO Breakfast’ – The L.A. Hotel Downtown
May 7: West Coast Manufacturing Conference – Millennium Biltmore Hotel
April 18: CFF/ TALA 2013 Scholarship Luncheon – California Market Center
Feb 20: “Legal Ins & Outs You ‘Need to Know’!” – Las Vegas Convention Center
Feb 19: “How to Expand Your Brand Through Licensing” – Las Vegas Convention Center
Feb 19: Seminar for Chinese Delegation – Las Vegas Convention Center
Feb 5 ‘Counterfeit’, ‘Copyright’, ‘Piracy’, ‘Trademark’ Protection…Do you need it? – Cooper Design Space