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Marta MillerCo-Founder

318 W 9th Street, Suite 1010
Los Angeles, CA 90015

(323) 515-9266

Lefty Production Co. is a one stop shop development house and apparel & accessories manufacturer based in the heart of Los Angeles. Guiding new and established clothing and accessory lines through sketching and design, fabric and trim sourcing, labels and branding, pattern and sample making, duplicates, fittings, pattern revisions, marking and grading, cutting, production and packing.

Clothing production clients include large department stores, online retailers, major labels and independent brands in America and around the world. Develop and produce women’s, mens and children’s wear, and specialize in swimwear, active wear and athleisure styles. Also help with hair     accessories, leather goods, handbags and home textiles in addition to comprehensive garment and apparel production needs.